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Our motto at Dalton Family Eyecare is, if something is good for the patient, it’s good for us: and we’ve seen how good our quality of service can be for our patients! We treat everyone we see like they’re members of our own family and utilize the latest technology to ensure we get everything just the way they need.

Why Choose
Dalton Family Eyecare?

We want to always be improving our community by enhancing our patients’ vision, and we’re always going to show up for them when they need us. All our eye care services are provided by a dedicated, expert team who hones in on the little details of each patient, which helps us give them the very best service possible. We use state-of-the-art diagnostics and customized treatments, so when you visit our offices, you’ll always be able to get the most out of your vision.

Why choose Dalton Family Eyecare Services
Next-level Eye Exams

Next Level
Eye Exams

When you and your family visit us for a comprehensive eye exam or a pediatric eye exam, you won’t have to worry or wonder about any aspect of your eye’s health: our doctors will explain everything to you, in easy-to-understand language. In addition, our doctors use advanced imaging technology to gain a complete picture of your eye and everything that’s happening with it, inside and out, which lets us get ahead of potential concerns before they have any impact on your vision.

Exceptional Care!
Services for Every Aspect of Your Eye Care

No matter your age, vision strength, or sense of fashion, Dalton Family Eyecare is ready to help with solutions to give you the eyesight you deserve. We offer a full range of eye care services and take the time to learn about you and your ongoing eye health, so you can rest assured you’ll get exactly what you need out of your vision.

Man having dry eye problems

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye disease is an uncomfortable condition caused by insufficient or low-quality tears, but Dalton Family Eyecare has several potential options for fast and lasting relief. We do this by addressing the underlying causes of your dry eye with solutions ranging from prescription eye drops to specialized, in-office LipiFlow® treatment.
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Surgery co-management service

Surgery Co-Management

If you’re looking into LASIK or cataract removal surgery, we want your eye surgeon to know you as well as we do! We’ll work with them to make sure they’re aware of your entire eye health history and follow up regularly with you so you can feel confident in your restored vision and healthy recovery.
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Man having a glaucoma problem

Glaucoma Management

We make keeping on top of your glaucoma as comfortable as possible at Dalton Family Eyecare, starting with our expert team who is trained to identify any potential warning signs of increased inner eye pressure. We also use leading technology, such as our Virtual Field testing device, to take an even deeper look and monitor for any concerning changes over time.
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Old man getting a diabetic eyecare check-up

Diabetic Eye Care

Dalton Family Eyecare understands how important it is to have a team you can rely upon to protect your vision when you have chronic conditions like diabetes. We’ll track your blood sugar and eye health using finely-tuned instruments, including our Diopsys neurological diagnostic system — this helps us detect problems early and can significantly reduce the risk of vision loss due to diabetes.
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Senior having Myopia issues

Myopia Management

While eyeglasses can correct vision affected by myopia, myopia management at Dalton Family Eyecare goes beyond that with treatments that also slow or halt its progression completely. We utilize options such as multifocal contacts and orthokeratology lenses (ortho-k) that make myopia control simple for patients of all ages, especially children — who benefit from this most.
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In addition to our top-notch eye care services, Dalton Family Eyecare is proud to offer a variety of aesthetic treatments and services to rejuvenate and refresh your face. Our treatments include BlephEx® to help clean and exfoliate your eyelids and the Pelleve® RF System to reduce and eliminate facial wrinkles, all provided by a team who deeply understand the anatomy of the eyes and face.
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We Treat
Binocular Vision Dysfunction

Struggling with headaches, anxiety, dizziness, or blurred vision? These are all symptoms of binocular vision dysfunction, a condition where your eyes aren’t aligned properly, and your brain has to work harder to get clear eyesight. Luckily, the experts at Dalton Family Eyecare have the experience needed to effectively diagnose and treat the condition with completely personalized solutions. Don’t suffer from your symptoms any longer — schedule an appointment at Dalton Family Eyecare today!

Woman wearing glasses for binocular vision dysfunction

See What Our Community Is Saying

Our patients trust us to treat the vision needs of their entire family. See what they have to say about our warm, family-first approach and exceptionally comfortable technology!

Testimonial Quote
“I’m extremely happy with the services provided with Dr. Dalton and his staff. Dr. Dalton believes in keeping up with the state of the art equipment and technology available compared to other ophthalmologist that I have been to. I have referred several people to his office I will continue to do so. By far he is the best optometrist that I have ever been to. His staff is extremely friendly and front desk will help with all your insurance needs. You’ll be a fool if you went anywhere else.”


Testimonial Quote
“This is my favorite clinic I have been to hands down. Everyone is always so friendly! The doctors take the time and explain everything and make sure you have all of your questions answered. I’ll never go to another eye doctor as long as I am in the area. The girls, Kena and Callie, that help you find and order glasses are the sweetest around!”


Testimonial Quote
“Everyone there is so sweet and caring. They took awesome care for me and my husband – anyone that goes there you will be treated with such respect. Thank you all for everything you all did for us.” 


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