Glaucoma Management
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At Dalton Family Eyecare, we’re committed to taking care of all our patients’ vision needs, particularly those with glaucoma. Our talented team of eye care experts use state-of-the-art technology to identify signs of glaucoma before it has a chance to threaten your eyesight.

What is

Known as the “silent thief of sight,” glaucoma refers to a group of vision-threatening conditions that cause damage to your optic nerve. Patients with glaucoma have an unusually high intraocular pressure (IOP), typically caused by fluid backed up from a blockage. If left untreated, high IOP will impact your optic nerve, preventing your eyes and brain from communicating for clear eyesight. The team at Dalton Family Eyecare uses a number of cutting-edge diagnostic tools, including the Diopsys® NOVA-VEP Vision Testing System, to detect signs of glaucoma and certain other eye diseases early on to protect your sight.
What is glaucoma management?


You are more at risk for developing glaucoma if you’re over the age of 40, and especially if you’re over the age of 60.

Family Background

You’re more at risk to develop glaucoma if you have a family history of the disease, or if you have Black, Asian, or Hispanic heritage.

Medical History

You’re also more likely to develop glaucoma if you have a history of any of the following conditions or illnesses: diabetes, high blood pressure, extreme nearsightedness or farsightedness, or a previous eye injury.

Your Vision with Glaucoma Treatment

It can be difficult for untrained eyes to detect glaucoma, which is why it’s imperative to have your vision checked regularly by expert doctors like ours. If you are at a higher risk for developing glaucoma based on any of the following factors, schedule your exam today!

Our Diagnostics and Treatments
Tech Options – Get From Client

In addition to the Diopsys visual system test, our team uses Virtual Field testing and optical coherence tomography (OCT) to identify even the earliest signs of glaucoma in patients. From there, we can build a personalized management plan with specialty eye drops and supplements. For patients with more severe cases of glaucoma, we’ll connect you with a trusted glaucoma specialist for any advanced treatment.

You Can
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No matter what your eyesight needs, Dalton Family Eyecare is here to help. Our compassionate professionals are skilled in detecting glaucoma in its earliest stages before it can threaten your eyesight and will work to make sure you feel comfortable during your care. Our glaucoma management keeps your condition in check and our doctors will make sure you’re informed with everything you need to protect your vision.

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Ask any of our patients — they’ll tell you all about our high-quality eye care. Check out what they have to say about their experience at Dalton Family Eyecare:

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“My visit to Dalton Family Eyecare was the best. They do such a through exam. The staff is so friendly and professional. The optical area was also a great experience. Very informative and helpful in picking out glasses and sunglasses. Dr. Dalton is just wonderful. He and his staff make you feel like family not a patient. Here will be the only place for me and will recommend to anyone. Thank you Dr. Dalton and your staff for a wonderful experience.”

– Cathy H.

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“This little practice is amazing. All of the staff is so very helpful and accommodating. Doctor Dalton is the best because as he says his job is to NOT cause drama. I thought that was funny. He’s so helpful and very good at explaining everything he’s doing as well as what’s going on with your eyes, why, and how to correct or at least slow certain progressions down. I appreciate them so much I drive all the way from Conyers Georgia to Cleveland Georgia just to see them. This time I brought one of my children with me and we felt so blessed because we never expected it but within an hour and a half he walked out with new glasses and could see again LOL. Cheers to a great team and thank you for what you do.”

– Tina D.

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“Just figured out how to leave a review. I’m disabled so I have Medicare. They treated me with respect. My glasses only costed about $100 more than what insurance covered. They even gave me a discount. Update – I went and had to get new glasses. I’m disabled, I get $240 to use on glasses. They gave me my glasses for a lot less than they were priced.”

– Julie J.

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