Myopia Management
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At Dalton Family Eye Care, we believe in taking care of your entire family’s eyes, helping them see better both now and into the future. That’s why our myopia management program is specially designed to help protect their vision from the progression of myopia.

What is

Myopia, the clinical term for nearsightedness, is a common vision condition where you can see close objects clearly, but your eyesight is blurry when looking at things in the distance. Eyeglasses can correct your vision temporarily, but myopia will continue to worsen as it progresses, and lead to other eye health problems if not managed. Myopia can develop at any age, though we have found the most success with our myopia management program when we start early, ideally between the ages of 8 and 12.

Mom holding girl while she gets an eye exam

We Help Manage Myopia

Our team is skilled in managing myopia, which prevents your child’s eyesight from getting worse, helping to avoid other more serious eye health issues down the line. Using our state-of-the-art technology, we’ll comfortably diagnose your child’s myopia before it causes them difficulty so we can stay ahead of its progression. We’ll then create a myopia management plan for them which can reduce the need for frequent, stronger glasses prescription updates. This custom plan uses a variety of methods, including near glasses lenses, specialty contact lenses, and medical eye drops.

MiSight® 1 Day Contact Lenses

MiSight® 1 day contact lenses are worn during the day and are a great option for controlling the progression of myopia. These disposable lenses are effective in reducing eye strain and providing clear vision for children aged 8 to 12.

Pre-teen boy putting on MiSight 1 Day contact lens

Ortho-K Overnight Lenses

Another excellent option we offer for myopia management is Ortho-K lenses, which your child wears overnight while they sleep. These lenses gently reshape the cornea, improving eyesight and reducing the need for eyeglasses while they’re awake.

Kid Smiling putting-on contact lens

Medicated Eye Drops

Our eye doctors may also recommend the use of low-dosage atropine eye drops that are specially designed to help treat and limit myopia’s progression by relaxing their eye muscles and reducing eye strain. Our experienced team will make sure your child receives the proper dosage for their eyes and vision, and that you know exactly how to use these helpful drops.

Applying Medicated Eyedrops to kid's Eyes

Is Your Child Showing
Signs of Myopia? Schedule Your Visit Today!

Don’t let myopia limit your child’s vision now or their eye health later in life — schedule their eye exam today and be sure to ask our team about myopia management!

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You Can
Depend on Dalton Family Eyecare

Our community trusts us to provide compassionate eye care for the whole family, and we never take that responsibility lightly. We personalize our treatment for every patient and their unique needs, rather than relying on cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions. We’ll take the time to get to know your children and understand how myopia is affecting their vision and lifestyle, so we can craft a plan to address it and preserve their quality of life.

See What Our Community Is Saying

Our team’s friendly, family-first approach leaves our community knowing their vision is in good hands. But you don’t have to take our word for it — read what our beloved patients have to say about their care!
Testimonial Quote
“My visit to Dalton Family Eyecare was the best. They do such a through exam. The staff is so friendly and professional. The optical area was also a great experience. Very informative and helpful in picking out glasses and sunglasses. Dr. Dalton is just wonderful. He and his staff make you feel like family not a patient. Here will be the only place for me and will recommend to anyone. Thank you Dr. Dalton and your staff for a wonderful experience.”

– Cathy H.

Testimonial Quote
“This little practice is amazing. All of the staff is so very helpful and accommodating. Doctor Dalton is the best because as he says his job is to NOT cause drama. I thought that was funny. He’s so helpful and very good at explaining everything he’s doing as well as what’s going on with your eyes, why, and how to correct or at least slow certain progressions down. I appreciate them so much I drive all the way from Conyers Georgia to Cleveland Georgia just to see them. This time I brought one of my children with me and we felt so blessed because we never expected it but within an hour and a half he walked out with new glasses and could see again LOL. Cheers to a great team and thank you for what you do.”

– Tina D.

Testimonial Quote
“Just figured out how to leave a review. I’m disabled so I have Medicare. They treated me with respect. My glasses only costed about $100 more than what insurance covered. They even gave me a discount. Update – I went and had to get new glasses. I’m disabled, I get $240 to use on glasses. They gave me my glasses for a lot less than they were priced.”

– Julie J.

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